Communication Elementary At WorkPlace

Most working professionals joining at work places with new jobs struggle in their first few years due to lack of confidence & partly low profile communication. Due to lack of self awareness of knowing themselves better, they find themselves shaky. I would firmly put, Be Brave and do not shy away to be outclassed in any way whatsoever.

Key points below are self explanatory

  • Know your role at work
  • Corelate with peers without any resistance
  • Ask Questions when you do not understand something
  • Be participative & interact with peers
  • Be an Active Listener first, before sharing up your thoughts
  • Productive Orientation is a must
  • Inter Personal Skill Is An art which needs to be personalised all the time


Most youngsters struggle becos they are’nt sure of what they want to do. Being one step ahead in your work environment is elementary to ensure you stay ahead of everything that happens.

Cut crap around you

– Avoid Gossip which makes you a negative propogator

– Create Positivity around your circles

– Help Others where you can make the difference

– Think out of box always

– Honestly be yourself in the real sense. Do not copy

– Authenticity matters for results

  • Approachable is the way to go and let your dreams come true

If you believe in the above key element, do share your comments/feedback. Look forward to comment & convey your thoughts