Indian IT Talent Needs A Reboot

Talent Needs A Lending Hand

In India, the IT Sectors till date provides the cream of jobs which boosts Indian Industry at large and our stock market also vouches based on the performance majorly on the IT stocks. However the best of that cream prefer settling abroad for offshore assignments. That’s the trend and the opportunity ahead lies in creating more opportunities within the country in itself, which is not happening where talent is in dearth.

Talent we have within in  niche areas keeps evolving all the time and so does Technology keep running up keeping the pace of the IT nerd with the required knowledge, as one has to keep in pace to learn & keep updating.

We find so much of talent going wasted and searching for opportunities as they lack direction & are unsure where to put their focus on.

For youngsters aiming to develop skills, it matters most to be upskilled with the times. Just graduating without building skillsets is a challenge today.

For the careerists, important aspects lie in

–         Aiming to gain knowledge in areas which he or she is most passionate about than following fancy based on hearsay.

–         Tracking what’s close up with your background to get skilled and get railed and be saleable

–         Quite a common upheave these days and we need much more skilled personnel within the country to make India grow & develop at a faster pace. From a sector perspective, as an example transportation and utilities segment is an area of opportunity with a positive net employment outlook as the surveys show.

–         One needs to prove one self with certifications & references which helps to boost one’s opportunities around.

–         Work on projects and get someone senior to talk/mentor about you and your capabilities

–         In short work hard, don’t give up but enhance yourself with skillsets which are in line to your interests. And network around to make situation better

India produces huge number of engineering and science graduates for IT Services segment and even 10-15% of the cream of them gives rise to atleast half a million of professionals every year. While Indian colleges and universities range dramatically in terms of quality of education, selecting graduates from the top 15 percent of schools still translates into tens of thousands of promising candidates.

With skill gaps still a concern, digital strategies need to be shifted towards capable managed service providers who can make the difference.

Overseas businesses who outsource IT services to India can hire employees with international experience working at domestic rates, however these rates are going to likely hit high up the roof post the pandemic. However on a positive note, leave alone the money driving young talent the base is strong and committed to take the challenges and make India peak in terms of knowledge and enhancing overall customer value .

Besides, India’s IT sector is not invulnerable to the global shifts in technology and communications, such as the challenge posed by automation and social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC).  The disruptive nature of the industry at large makes all leaders think aloud of getting better than their competition.

Upskilling Indian IT Talent is easier and essential, if there is a focus in solidifying the position as the world’s most popular outsourcing destination by equipping its workforce with the capacity to handle these new service needs.